Meet Brucie

Mature Male Mix

Big boy Brucie.....what a very handsome chap he is!  He is also a bit of a shy boy, but that is easy to overcome as he loves loves loves his Belly rubs and is just a big old softy at heart. 

Brucie is quite a big chap about 40kg and about 7/8 years old and another dog that has lived most of his life at the kennels. He mixes well with other dogs once he knows them but can be a bit nervous and bark on initial meeting.  He definitely prefers the ladies, but mixes well with all his kennel mates. 

Brucie would need some outside space and some time and patience to adapt to new surroundings as he has only really known kennel life, but with lots of love and belly rubs he would be a very loving and loyal  boy. 

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