Meet Paddy

Mature Male Bodeguro

Introducing the very handsome Paddy, this 4 year old little bodeguro boy is looking for a new home.

Paddy was previously rescued by a family after he was found abandoned. They very kindly cared for him, got him vaccinated, neutered and he has his very own passport which are all up to date.

He was a very happy little boy. Recently some new neighbours have moved in with cats and it seems that Paddy does not like cats! There has already been an incident and because he can jump the fence this is causing problems. Sadly they have decided to try and rehome Paddy, who they describe as a wonderful little dog. He is very well behaved and he loves people and children. He gets on great with the other dogs in the house, loves his walkies, he is completely house trained but just does not like the cats and he's getting very agitated by knowing they are around.

Paddy would need a home with a secure garden or outside area.

If you would like any more information about Paddy or could offer him a loving home please contact us on WhatsApp 642560794