Meet Rufino

Young Male Podenco

This handsome but shy boy is Rufino, he's about 2/2.5 years old and has been with us a few months and still learning to trust new people but once he trusts you he really is the biggest love bug. If he could get inside your skin with you I'm sure he would he likes to be that close....

He loves his other kennel mates and is very playful and social able with his kennel mates. He's a tall podenco boy and will be getting neutered in the next few weeks as well as vaccinated and health checked, we have been waiting a little while to get him to the vets as he was super nervous and we didn't want to undo all the trust building we had made with him. 

He was found abandoned and before his life at the kennels had had limited or negative human contact but that's all changed now.

If you would like more information about Rufino, please get in touch.

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