Meet Tyler

Our very handsome young boy Tyler has been lucky enough to have spent some time with a dog trainer (Sara Bonillo) as he can be a little anxious at times, he was such a good boy.....

Tyler was impeccable on his lead walking and mixing with his kennel mates and then Sara advised on some exercises to help Tyler learn to use his nose more as he wasn't really sniffing and smelling like most dogs constantly do. This is probably due to spending most of his life on a short chain. So we have started on the exercises that Sara advised us to use and he's already doing much better. 

However really all this young boy wants is to be loved. He adores cuddles that he never received before. He is a clever boy and picks up new things fast.

Tyler is a GSD cross who's about 25 kg and about 2 years old. He has been neutered, is up to date with his vaccines and has his passport ready to go..

If you would like any more information about Tyler or any of our beautiful dogs please Amanda via WhatsApp 642560794