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Make a dog happy this Christmas

Make a dog happy this Christmas

As we approach the Christmas season we are warned of the old motto 'A dog is for life not just for Christmas'.

This is very true, a dog should not be brought into the home on a whim or a cuddly puppy bought as a gift, welcoming a dog into your home takes planning and a discussion with all members of the household.

This being said, there are many dogs in the care of rescue charities like APSA, through no fault of their own. These animals will likely spend Christmas and beyond in kennels without the love of a family of their own.

While our volunteers give these dogs plenty of love and attention, time is limited with so many dogs and nothing can beat a warm bed or sofa and a family the dogs can call their own.

If you can find a place in your heart and home for one of our dogs you will be rewarded with lots of love, licks and cuddles and that ever-wagging tail which shows how much they love you.

If you have a busy Christmas ahead then maybe wait until the new year when you will be able to give your new friend and family member plenty of attention to help him settle into his new life.

If you can't have a pet in your home or already have your hands full, then consider donating to APSA to help our volunteers feed and care for the many residents.

Or for that last-minute Christmas gift, visit the APSA shop in Avenida Lepanto, there are plenty of gifts and trinkets at great prices.

In this last blog before Christmas I would like to give thanks to all the APSA team who take time from their own lives to help the dogs in many different ways. The team in the APSA shop, the background admin team, Liz in the press relations dept. Laura and David for their work on the website and of course Di, Maria, Willow and the kennels team who tirelessly take care of the dogs on a daily basis.

A very woofy Christmas and a waggy New Year!

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