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Dog Blog 6 Feb 2014

Travelling with dogs

As spring approaches we start to think about holidays, if you are holidaying within Spain there is no reason not to take your four-legged friend with you.

Many hotels and apartment will accept well behaved dogs, if they don't mention it on their website just ask!

The Ibis group of hotels, popular around Europe all accept dogs and the hotels can be found in most main towns and cities.

Smaller hostals and pensiones may also be more likely to accept canine visitors.

If you are travelling by car, remember in Spain, your dog should either be secured with a special harness in the rear seat area or if travelling in the back of a 4x4 or estate car/hatchback your vehicle should be fitted with a safety barrier of some kind.

Not like this...
...like this!

To make your dog comfortable while travelling, bring along his favourite blanket so he can lie down and relax on the journey.

Remember, frequent toilet stops will be required and a bowl of fresh water will keep him hydrated and comfortable.

It is not a good idea to give your dog food immediately before a car journey as it may make him sick, treats during the journey are also not a good idea.

If you stop for food, either choose a dog-friendly cafe, opt for fast food at the roadside or even better pack a picnic so the whole family including the dog can enjoy some fresh air and a stretch of the legs. Remember to choose a safe place to stop and make sure you attach a leash before letting your dog jump out of the car.

With puppies it is a good idea to get them used to car journeys from an early age, get them to associate the car with fun trips by driving to the park and then having a good play. Often the only car journey a dog will take is to the vets and that's no fun!

If your dog suffers from motion sickness consult your vet for advice, do not give your dog travel sickness pills made for humans.

Happy travelling!

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