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Bauzer & Boozer
Bauzer & Boozer

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female crossbreed, 3,5 years old, medium size

It's been 3,5 years since we found this little munchkin in a plastic bag hanging on APSA's gate. As she was very young,four weeks, tiny and on top injured there was no way to leave her at the kennels and I took her into foster care. No one ever asked for her :(
It is really about time to find this special girl her forever home, she can't stay with me forever as one of my dogs hates her (since day one and it wont change) which is causing trouble.
Boo is very intelligente, very energetic and very charming. She loves people so so much and would make a wonderful companion. She is house trained, lead trained and loves spending all day playing (she can play on her own for hours). Due to her energy and intelligence she needs regular exercise and mental stimulation otherwise she gets bored. Fenced in outside space is a must have. Boo is fantastic with people, she has such a charming and special way of interacting with people. She is social with other dogs but would really prefer to be an only dog, the baby of the family. She neutered, has chip, passport and her vaccinations. Can travel!

For homing

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