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Handsome Boy

This very handsome young male is still waiting to find someone who loves him and takes him home.
He is a really affectionate and loving little boy. He's a placid cat, very affectionate, and rolls on his back to be stroked. He doesn´t meow and just accepts everything. He is friendly with other cats and kittens and is not at all aggressive.
He has been abandoned in a compound in Albox about a year ago where some very kind ladies are feeding him and the other cats in this compound. Also they are trying to catch the cats and get them neutered/spayed, these ladies are really committed and do whatever they can to help these poor souls. Little handsome boy has been neutered and checked by a vet BUT HE REALLY REALLY NEEDS TO FIND A HOME! Is there anyone who can help and offer a foster home or even permanent?

For homing

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