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Meet Elena

Our very beautiful Elena was another of the dogs we took last August from an abusive and neglected background. This poor little wretch was very emaciated, dripping with ticks and fleas. She had terrible skin because of flea nest buried deep inside her fur and suffering with severe tick fever and leishmania.

Elena was taken to the vets immediately to start her treatments and needed twice weekly medicated baths, with lots of small meals to build up her strength and of course shown lots of love so she could trust people again. Today we have a very healthy and happy and lovable Elena who is free from any disease with no medication needed.

Elena is a cute, fluffy happy mixed breed girl. She loves her food and is now a healthy 16kg. She loves her walkies and loves playing with her kennel mate Louis. She is good with other dogs once introduced to them. She can be a little over excitable, but has started to learn some basic commands and she just adores love and cuddles.

Elena has been spayed, vaccinated and has her own passport……so now she just needs a home to enjoy the rest of her days.

If you would like any more information about Elena or any of our beautiful dogs please contact Amanda on WhatsApp 0034 642560794.

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