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Meet Lacy

Lacy is looking so much better than the terrified, skinny and very dirty dog that arrived into our care.

We are happy to report that Lacy has had a health check at the vets and also blood tests and she's all clear of any leishmania or tick fever. Her skin was a bit of a concern but with a few good baths in dermological shampoo, some regular meals and some aloe vera on her sore spots she is coming along an absolute treat.

Lacy is thought to be about 9 years old and she's a very impressive looking girl. She is growing in confidence and her fear of people is diminishing day by day. Once she discovered belly rubs, she thought they are the best.

Lacy will have another week or so building her strength and gaining some more much needed weight then she will be spayed and get her vaccines and passport and then she will be looking for her forever home.

Lacy is a clean girl so has at some point in her life lived in a house. She loves her bed and is very good and calm on the lead.

If you would like any more information about Lacy please contact Amanda via WhatsApp 0034 642560794

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