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Meet Libby

Introducing Libby. By the sound of things this little dog has had a bad start to life. We have been told by locals she came from a village where she was locked in a cave, hardly ever fed or watered, never cleaned up and spent her days barking and crying for attention. Somehow she escaped and was then hanging around the local village for a few weeks being fed by various people until she was caught and brought into our care. Libby was ttreated for external and internal parasites when she arrived but is well now.

She's still quite nervous but will come for a little fuss. She loves treats and is very happy around the other dogs. Maybe she feels safer with them than with people.

She has been spayed, had her vaccines and she has her own passport.

If you would like any more information about Libby contact Amanda on WhatsApp 0034 642560794

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