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Meet Luna

Introducing Luna. She has been around the streets for the past 2 years, giving birth to 8 puppies last year and this year a litter of 6. Finally she has been caught and will not have to endure a life on the streets and continuously getting pregnant anymore.

Luna was so nervous on the streets and a very protective mum, but now she's in a safe space is really enjoying the love and attention she is receiving, thanks to Francine, Fran and Claire where she's currently in foster.

We think Luna is quite young, still maybe 3 or 4 and is turning out to be a very sweet natured girl. Luna is about 17kg so medium/small sized girl.

We would love to find this beauty a life of love and comfort after having to fend for herself for much of her life. If you would like any more information about Luna please contact WhatsApp 0034 642560794.

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