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Cat Chat 19 May 11

Kittens 190511

5 kittens found in a bin

You may have read our News item last week about the 5, one week old siamese kittens found in a bin in Calle Ancha. Well here are the little darlins - all of 2 weeks old now and being cared for by one of our master kitten weaners - Alison Shand.

She's going to be sending us news of the kittens as often as she can - that's in between feeding and, ahem, shall I say toileting, the little 'uns. See below to read the latest...

News from Alison

Estimated at 2 weeks old today, they have all started opening their eyes and some are now wide open. You may notice the colour on their ears! This is (safe to use) paint that helps me tell them apart so that I know which ones have been fed, peed and pooed. Their names at present are Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Spot. Spot has no paint as he has a small injury on his back (top left in photo above) that has left a small scab.

The babies get fed 4 times a day at present and a feeding can take up to 2 hours if I do it alone. My Mum has been great at helping out, so we usually manage it in 1 hour between us. At this age they don't just need feeding, but also have to be stimulated to pee and poo! So my kitten day usually starts around 6.00am and ends around 11.00pm.

Here are 2 pictures of Green with the 2 kg supply of milk. Apparently puppy and kitten formula is the same. This pack costs 53 Euros and should see them through to weaning. It is not cheap to save kittens. And don't even think about how much loo roll they get through! Where possible I use flannels, towels and fleece to keep them warm and clean, so I am constantly doing laundry too. And of course they have a fresh hot water bottle after every feed.

Kittens 190511 green with milk Kittens 190511 green with milk 2
Humphrey with milk

The final picture is of Humphrey. He and his brother were abandoned on 2nd April at the car boot. Unfortunately his brother did not make it and little Humphrey has been very poorly too. Although he's about 9 weeks old, he's still only about 500g in weight. He lost an eye to infection, but is a right little character and I will be keeping him myself. He is sitting on the 300g can of food that he ate before he was weaned.

Weaning kittens yourself?

Emergency milk replacement recipe from Alison:

Don't use regular milk as it contains too much lactose and not enough nutrients. It'll bloat the kittens and give them diarrhea. If you don't have any kitten milk on hand, you'll need to make up some emergency milk. Below is one such recipe:

1 can condensed milk

2 cans water

1 small container cream

3 egg yolks

2 tablespoons honey

Also in an emergency use Lactose-free milk (you can buy it in Mercadona) and add some egg.

Thanks Alison, for looking after the kittens and for all the great info - I'm looking forward to the next installation.

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