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Cat Chat 18 Sep 2013

Kittens Everywhere

Last week five more kittens were popped through our cat lady's gate into her garden. With "no room at the inn" they were passed along to other kind foster 'Mums'. Here is a ccount of their story to date from the foster homes.

The new babies all seemed healthy, their development suggested they were nearly 3 weeks old, but their weight was average for only 12 days. No matter, we were ready with milk and bottles! At first they were all reluctant to feed but after a day or so they were all screaming for more bottle.

We always weigh the babies regularly to ensure they are all putting on weight and sure enough in less than a week we have moved from an average weight of under 200g to an average of about 300g.

On Friday morning we noticed Squirrel carried her head slightly to one side. By lunchtime she was clearly distressed, her head was bent right round, she couldn't walk and was crying. We rushed her to the vet, fearing that she would have to be put down. Luckily Maika thought it was worth treating her for an ear infection, so she had a huge dose of antibiotics. By dinner time she was no better. At bedtime we were reluctant to go and check - thinking she may have died. But there she was, her head just a little straighter and feeling just a little better. She has since had another injection and is on medicine twice a day but is almost back to normal and plays with the others now. Phew!

On Monday I got a call from a lady in Garrucha who had rescued another five from a bin and whose vet had homed three. As I was already in Garrucha I picked then up and added them to the creche. These two were HUGE, but much less developed than the first ones. Definitely less than two weeks old, with eyes and ears still closed. Like two little bear cubs, hence their names. They are so fat they can bearly walk!

We have chosen the following names:

Grubby: male, white with quite a bit of ginger just coming through on ears, tail and back

Bendy: male, white, similar to Grubby, but with less ginger and also a half tail that is bent

Mouse: male, smallest of the whites, markings similar to Bendy

Ginger: female, ginger tabby - very unusual as ginger tabbies are nearly always male

Squirrel: female, ginger with some white

Bear: black and round

Poly Bear: white and very round

Bendy and Mouse have now been reserved by new owners and will leave us as soon as they are properly weaned.

If anyone can offer homes to these lovely babies please contact APSA.

Poly and Bear
Poly and Bear
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