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Cat Chat 4th July 2013

It's that time of year again...

The silly season, when Hilary spends most of her time hand rearing kittens and trying to find homes for them.

She's kindly taken time out to update us on all that's been happening in kitten heaven (aka Hilary's house). Enjoy...

Our resident cat lady updates us with kitten news

(Or should that be mews?!!)

I was going to start the Cat Chat off again by writing about Joshua cat who moved in last year after being found abandoned and in a garden full of dogs, he obviously had no intention of leaving so despite my best efforts to find him a family here he remains. I was, however, taken over by the latest batch of abandoned kittens. They were found by a lovely lady from Cantoria in a box on her doorstep. She did an amazing job of feeding them for a day (no mean task with 4 tiny kittens) she phoned ASPA asking for help so off I went.

The 4 kittens appeared to be about 10 days old, their eyes had just opened but they couldn’t walk or support their body weight so she had done well keeping such dependent little creatures alive – they still looked poorly & as we had no idea how long they had been in the box before she found them I took them to the local vet for a checkup and to buy the very necessary special milk formula (cow’s milk is not good for cats and especially not good for kittens). The lovely vet cleaned up their eyes and checked them over, fortunately they seemed fine, and then kindly offered to take two and see if her latest stray and recent mum would take them on – thanks goodness she did – never have I felt so helpless and inadequate as when trying to bottle feed the two tiny mites who so didn’t want to take to a synthetic bottle after milk from their nice warm mum. Fortunately I was aided and abetted by the wonderful George who watched my every move with great interest huge concern and disgust at my ineptitude

cat personality
George looks on with disgust

George is a rather stout (but don’t let him her you say that) and large Tom cat – he was so worried at my obvious mishandling and the kittens hungry cries for milk that he decided that I must be hurting them & promptly bit me, hard and twice ! We have since come to an understanding – he can sit on my lap while I am feeding the kittens, supervising my efforts, giving the kittens the benefit of his years of human handling and then a quick wash just as long as I don’t tell the girl cats that he has been so soppy. The girl cats couldn’t give a hoot just as long as the kittens don’t stay and definitely don’t sit on the best cushions!

kittens and cushions
Oops kittens on the best cushion
kitten beds
And kittens taking over the best bed and cosy slippers

Well after me feeling a complete and useless fraud we finally managed food, a routine and as they were so tiny me being able to feed two at a time – two kittens in one hand and two bottles in the other – a juggling act worthy of Britain’s Got Talent – mostly due to the kitten’s perseverance! Now we have the hang of it bottle feeding can be done in about 30 minutes per kitten, unless I’m very tired, in a hurry or its late at night, then it can take up to an hour.

More next week...

Before I go I had to put this piccy up as it sums up kitten life (and it made me laugh out loud)!