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september 4 2013

Cat Napping

No Cat Chat last week! Oh dear, guess I was caught cat napping.

We all enjoy the updates of our feline friends in the shelter or being cared for by kind foster mums and dads.

Our resident cat lady introduced us to cute Chloe a few weeks ago and by the sound of it, she is certainly a character and making her presence felt.

Here is the latest update:

Chloe has no idea of danger – her current favourite place is Mia cats room (more of her later) – Mia cat is the grumpiest cat alive and regularly whacks the others for nothing – Chloe likes to play with her tail – nuff said!! Oh and by the way Chloe now eats Hummus and Alioli!!

Chloe’s second adventure involved a wasp (or ‘hot fly’ as my eldest brother used to call them) While playing outside & chasing ordinary flies Chloe met a wasp & played with it too – it played back – the resulting fat paw is all the evidence we needed –

Fat paw courtesy of Mr Wasp

Has it stopped her playing ??? Has she learnt anything?? Oh no – this week I caught her trying to eat a wasp – sigh

Chloe is just over 3 months old now and has been here on a foster placement for over 2 of those months. Despite our best efforts only two people have come forward to offer her a forever home. They both changed their minds when I asked to meet them before handing her over – a normal precaution I thought – obviously I was wrong – so I guess she’ll stay here – she’s integrated in with the other cats now (even though she still gets hissed out when she’s over playful) and as cute as a button so she makes cat number 7 in the household that seems to be expanding!

This week's cat quote:

As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. - Ellen Perry Berkeley

Chloe Cat

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