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Cat Chat 24 May 11

kittens 240511

Alison updates us on our favourite five;

Well, the kittens are now nearly 3 weeks old. Everyone has their eyes wide open. Orange and Spot are really starting to take notice of the world around them and responding to voice and to stroking. They are all starting to show the first signs of playing with each other. Spot's injury is now completely healed and the "spot" has almost disappeared. Blue and Yellow are developing quite long coats and Blue has a bit of a curl to his. Spot has the darkest paws, tail and ears.

Above: All the kittens napping after their morning feed.

This morning they gobbled up 120cc of formula between them. Everyone is putting on weight well and they have all doubled in weight except little Green. Green is developing well, but he was always much smaller than the others.

Right: Green doing an impression of an alien.

(We can see where most of the 120cc have gone Alison!)

Green 240511

Below left: Blue showing off his long, creamy coat.

Below right: Green and Blue having a cuddle (soooo cute).

Blue 240511 Green and blue 240511

Below: Little Humphrey beating up his auntie Willow (a rescue cat now 10 years old).

Humphrey and willow 220511

Would you like to home one of these kittens?

They're not ready to be homed yet as they're still being weaned, but we think they'll be very much in demand in a few weeks time. If you'd like to put your name down to home one of them phone Hilary on 626 720 951 or email us via our Contact Us page, don't wait too long or you'll be disappointed.

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