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A merry Christmas from the APSA dogs

A merry Christmas from the APSA dogs

Well Christmas is just around the corner everyone is busy making preparations. It is an exciting time for all but remember our four-legged friends can become overwhelmed by all the activity and changes to routine.

Here are some tips to help make your pets life easier during the festive season. Some of the information is kindly provided by the Dogs Trust.

If the weather is particularly cold or wet, ensure any older dogs or those with thin fur wear coats outdoors. (All dogs must have a warm, dry place to live during the winter months).

If you have an open fire, always use a fire guard, and be aware of hot radiators.

All of the following seasonal items are dangerous to your dog if eaten: chocolate, grapes, and raisins. Cooked turkey bones might become lodged in the dogís throat or perforate the intestinal tract, and onions can cause anaemia so donít feed them to your dog in any form. Always keep an eye on your dog and seek veterinary attention if necessary.

Giving your dog left-overs that heís not used to can upset his stomach, and never give your dog alcohol to drink.

With more visitors expected over the festive period make sure your door is not left open as your dog may escape and get lost or run over!

If your dog is wary around people and you have strangers visiting the house, keep an eye on him and provide him with a quiet place to escape to if he wishes. Scared dogs may bite if provoked, intentionally or not. Do ensure new faces including children know how to approach and behave around your dog.

Make sure your dog has his usual routine, or he may become unsettled and stressed. Feed and walk your dog at the usual times. Set aside plenty of time for attention and play. Donít forget him in all the excitement!

Try to keep the dog out of the kitchen when cooking. He could get under your feet and trip you when youíre carrying a hot pan.

Poinsettias and Amaryllis are popular at Christmas, but their red glow isnít just appealing to humans; many dogs will find these plants irresistible too. Itís therefore important these plants are kept out of reach, as they are poisonous and can cause mouth or stomach irritation. from just eating a small part of the plant.

Supervise play with any new toys (dogs' or the childrenís), in case parts break and are swallowed. Only buy toys that are specifically designed for a pet's use.

If you are going away at Christmas, check you can take your dog, or arrange for alternative care with a friend/family member/boarding kennel/pet sitter to take care of him whilst you are away.

Finally, a very happy Christmas from all the APSA animals.

Remember, if you receive any duplicated or unwanted gifts (let's face it we often do!) the APSA shop in Albox will gratefully receive items, funds from the sale will go to helping take car of the many dogs and cats in APSA's care.

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