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4 Dec 2013 Cat Chat

Kitten update

Well Christmas is coming and everyone has lots to do preparing the house, getting together with friends and getting ready for the big day, Our cat lady has had a busy month and has kindly sent through her blog detailing the events.

So my foster kittens were homed and life went back to 'normal' – me, the mountains and just three cats and then – along came “Fluffy Knickers” Never was there a more aptly named cat – she was small and extremely fluffy especially in the trouser department.

Fluffy lived on the other side of the rambla with her English 'owners' and four dogs. She was a very independent creature and came to me for some respite from her busy home. She enjoyed any food on offer (and any not!) and sat in the sun enjoying the peace and relative quiet. One summer I noticed that she visited more frequently and occasionally brought one of her grown up kittens - “Thong” (small, very pretty but not much use). Thong was more or less feral and sadly stayed that way

That Autumn I thought she looked thinner and when I picked her up (something she rarely permitted I realised that she was very thin indeed under her luxurious coat. I discovered that her English owners had up sticks and gone to Cyprus leaving all their animals to fend for themselves.

So Fluffy and offspring came to stay – she lived outdoors at her choice and was an amazing hunter for such a little creature keeping herself and now two grown kittens alive for some months. Before I could do anything about it both Fluffy and Thong were pregnant. Still refusing to come into the house Fluffy had 4 kittens one dark and stormy night in my back garden and Thong hers in a neighbours garage a few days later.

Supplied with food and a cosy bed Fluffy proved to be an excellent mother and brought up her kittens with great pride, Thong remained aloof and her kittens (three of whom still live with me) even more so. A second offspring – who only ever chose “Blackcat” as her title also appeared later with her two black kittens – they didn't come closer that the top of a high wall for months and yes I did climb a ladder to give them food and water !

Fluffy and Thong were duly spayed and Fluffy's kittens homed. Needless to say all thrived and were much of the reason why I eventually had 23 cats and kittens around my house and garden. Thong eventually brought her kittens to stay, one by one they adopted me and by various means – mostly bribes with food - I was able to catch them and have them spayed. I think word spread far and wide about food and comfy warm beds so others followed

The Fluffies
black cat
Black Cat

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