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Cat Chat 22 Aug 2013

Fighting like cat and dog...or not!

Hello again, well it's that time of the week when we get to chat about our feline friends and mischievous moggies!

Our foster carers had another busy week caring for the stray kittens which arrive at the shelter, they do a great job, raising these kitties and getting them used to humans and living in a home.

If you have considered adopting a cat or kitten but have ruled it out because you have a dog or dogs in your home, it's worth reconsidering as the two species can generally co-exist without too many issues!

The first thing to remember is that cats are not pack animals like dogs, they need their privacy and be left to do their own thing.

It is a good idea to introduce them in a controlled environment in a calm manner, stroke each animal separately in order to transfer each of their scents onto each other.

The cat can initially be introduced in a cat carrier and after a while the dog should realise the newcomer is actually not that interesting!

It may take some time before an excitable dog calms down so remember to reward him or her with treats for good behaviour.

Be particularly aware when introducing a cat or kitten to a terrier or 'chase' breed as they could consider it fair game.

These two cuties in the photo were recently adopted by a friend of mine who had three dogs, one of the dogs (Sandy) decided one was a fun toy, thankfully all turned out well and now Sandy keeps a distance.

This week's cat quote:

"Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later." - Mary Bly

Cute kitties can live in harmony with dogs!

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