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Stevie is a beautiful boy with a beautiful soul. He is the kind of dog that will need some patience and extra love but once he trusts you, he will pay you back for the rest of his life :)

Stevie is now living with lovely people who are helping him to become more confident and preparing him for his forever home. So far he is doing well, here is what his foster family found out about him so far:
'He’s still quite nervous when u approach him but will come to have his lead put on for walks. Not very food orientated. Travels ok in the car but not keen to get into it so has to be lifted in. Likes his bed and sleeps all night no problem. Good with other dogs but doesn’t really interact with them yet. Really good on the lead. Doesn’t pull at all. Likes to have his ears and face rubbed but still more comfortable with women than with men. We went out today for half an hour to see how he reacted and he was fine. Just laid on the sofa (we had a video camera on). Not at all aggressive and would be a lovely pet when he gains confidence and feels safe.'
Not bad for a dog who has been at kennels all his life and is now experiencing living in a home for the first time. Stevie is five and a half years old, medium size and so good, not one bad bone in his body. He is currently still feeling more comfortable around women than men but he is learning and coming around! Stevie is neutered, has chip, passport and rabies vaccination. All he needs now is to find his loving forever home.

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