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Bonita and Boo

Boo and Bertie ❤️
Two beautiful pups, looking for their golden baskets! Boo and Bertie, together with their brother, were thrown over the gate of the kennels in a paper bag a couple of weeks ago.
They're about three months old, only tiny and have had their first jabs. They're now needing to find a loving home/homes. It'd be nice if they could stay together but we're aware that this might not be possible.
Here some words of their foster mum:
'I would like to share some thoughts about the baby boys Boo and Bertie. I have had these puppies with me now for a while and I must share just what a lovely pair these two are. They are the most gentle puppies and are so very affectionate, they will happily sit on your lap all day. They play so well together and accept every command quickly, they are just so eager to please and be loved. If anyone has room in their life for these two puppies they will give back tenfold. You will have a special joy for always. They are a delight to watch and they really are very special creatures.'

If you have any questions or want to arrange a meeting with them, please get in touch!

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