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Look at our lovely old podenco boy. He's come such a long way since the day he was picked off the streets.
All that's missing now is a fabulous oldie home for him. A long term foster or forever home where he'll be loved and spoiled and can enjoy his time given.
Raffi was found in the streets a couple of months ago. He had a big growth beside his privaze parts which made him very uncomfortable but has been removed since then and he is so much more comfortable in his skin now. He also has an old leg injury which never healed properly but to get this fixed would be a very long and painful process and we decided due to his age and the fact he isnt in pain to not put him through it. He will always walk funny but as you can see he is getting on just fine.
Raffi is also Leishmaniasis positive but doing fine with his daily dosis of Allopurinol which we are happy to provide for him.
All in all Raffi is a happy oldie now. We would like him to find a nice, loving family that treats him like a king for the time he has left on this earth. He is 12+ years old, just a smallish chap, loves a fuss and gets on with all the other dogs he is living with. Some might say he isn't the most beautiful dog but he's so charming and has a smashing personality. He's clean in the house and sleeps nicely in his bed. We think he isn't great around cats though.
If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us!


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