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After being spayed Berha spent some time in the house for recovery and she was so much more happy in the house than in a kennel. She's been a good girl, slept all night in the kitchen without a peep, enjoyed some extra love and cuddles and found a friend in Dom (no one can resist his charm). Bertha has been found wandering the streets in the beginning of the year. She has had a tough time, settling in at the kennels. She just doesn't want to be locked away in a pen all the time, it makes her miserable.
She's really great with people and wants to be with someone, she's craving company. She mixes well with the right dogs but would not mind to be an only dog. A secure garden is a must have as she likes to plot along outside. She's a big girl, 55kg and 1.5- 2 years old. If you are interested in meeting Bertha or have any more questions, please contact us!

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