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Happy new year from APSA

Happy New Year from APSA

Well another year is upon us and it will sure be a busy one. Work continues on the new kennels and with more dogs and puppies finding their way to us every week, we need all the help we can get.

Talking of help, where would we be without our volunteers, tirelessly giving up their time to help the many dogs and cats which come our way.

The team in the charity shop along with the raffle ticket sellers, not to forget the kind business owners who donate raffle prizes each month. Di, who takes care of the many dogs, with the help of Willow and Stern. Hilary our resident cat lady and fund-raiser, Laura and Dave for their valuable work with the website and Liz for her work with PR. I mustn't forget all the other people who help with dog-walking and other helpers behind the scenes! Thank you to you all.

The APSA Facebook page now has more than 330 'likes' and the Twitter feed is getting new followers every week.

Also on the media side, APSA is featured regularly in the social scene pages of the Costa Almeria News and in the Euro Weekly News. Wow, we are almost famous!

Remember to tell your friends about APSA, ask them to like our page and follow us on all the social media channels, a great way to get the name out there.

The new poster campaign will be under way next week with an eye catching new design featuring the 'APSA superstars' some of our dogs looking for a home. Look out for the posters in a window near you! If you own a business and would like a poster to help us out, let us know.

The end of 2014 saw a good number of dogs finding new homes both in Spain and overseas, this is really good news and we hope to continue that trend this coming year.

Still some of the old faces remain, particularly in the larger dogs which are always more difficult to home compared to the smaller ones. Remember, although some larger breeds like plenty of exercise, some are at their happiest in a cosy basket by the fire (or even better cuddled up on the sofa next to you!.

A good walk every day is not only good for the higher energy dogs it is good for us too, owning a dog is one of the best ways to keep healthy and in shape, who can resist that cute face urging you to go out and play. So if you are ready to adopt a dog, consider one of our great fun bigger guys and gals at the rescue centre!

Well that's our New Year news, let's hope for a happy 2015 for all our animals (and the humans too!)

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