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APSA on the move

APSA on the move

Happy new year!

Well the new year has begun and 2014 looks like being an exciting one for APSA!

APSA is on the move!

The charity is unable to meet the rising costs at the kennels so have negotiated a piece of land - more convenient too as it is closer to Albox.

Once we have built there, the running costs will be far less and we hope to home more dogs as the new kennels will be more easily accessible to potential owners. The new kennels will be better for dog walkers, open days.........the future looks promising!

At first, of course, we have to build! Could you help by donating money specifically for the building fund? - 4 euros buys a bag of cement, 5 euros buys 10 blocks, 20 euros a pallet. Or could you organise a fund-raiser in your area? 100 euros raised would buy a strong gate for example. 500 euros, a complete pen for dogs.

Perhaps you can support the building fund by taking items for sale to the shop, open 10.00 - 14.00 opposite Jacks in Albox, Monday to Saturday and by buying something when you get there too! Also we always need bedding, food and rice for the dogs and, any donations will reduce the cost of the food bill.

Please take any donations of money, food, clothing etc to the shop or ring Di, chair of APSA on 663 762 642, particularly if you can offer building materials or labour! We can collect materials.

The future looks bright for the many dogs and cats in the care of APSA. Make it a brighter one for one of our residents by offering them a permanent loving home.

Below is Bailey, with his coat on ready for the big move! He is also looking for a new home.

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