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Latest cat and kitten news

Here is the latest news from our resident cat lady:

Well Spring has sprung, the almond blossom is out and covering the world in pink & white flowers and we know its time to start to expect kittens. The other day I had the first phone call from our local vet asking for help. A lovely family in a nearby town had found two, three day old kittens abandoned in the rambla while they were out walking their dogs. They took the kittens home & set about feeding them, the mum & dad & four children did well but were soon exhausted by the need for feeds every two hours and phoned the vet for help. One problem was they were feeding the kittens cows milk which can upsets young stomachs in a horrible and messy way so the vet advised special kitten formula, which needs making up like human baby formula, & offered our help re weaning. The lovely family were adamant that they wanted to have the kittens back but were grateful for the offer of help with the frequent feeds. And so we were called.

Of course we said yes but couldn't do anything that weekend as we were all busy and out of the house. The promised hand over for foster care was to be the following Monday. Monday came and happily we weren't needed - the milk formula had satisfied tiny tummies and feeds were much quicker and much less often + wonder of wonders one of the dogs had taken on day care, sleeping with them to keep them warm and washing the kittens thereby massaging them which helps with the necessary toilet functions (kittens can't "go" by themselves and need stomach massage for the first couple of weeks until they are mature enough & running around enough to shift things for themselves)

The kittens are now happily cared for by their dog foster mum and thriving on their appropriate food and doggy foster mum.

We have a lot to learn from animals !


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