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APSA latest news

APSA latest news

APSA had a busy start to the year with preparations underway for the big move to new premises.

The building of new kennels continues apace with some generous donations. Money for bricks etc can be given in at the APSA shop on Avenida Lepanto Albox.

One building block costs only 50 euros, enough blocks for a pen is 80 euros if neighbours or friends would like to chip in together.

There is a building blocks poster in the shop where people can put their names when donating if they wish.

If anyone is having a clear out of their shed and has items such as nails, wood, tiles, blocks or other materials, these would be gratefully received to get the project moving quickly. Call Di on 663 762 642 to have items collected.

News from the kennels, Di has had some successes reuniting lost dogs with owners. A large white greyhound cross, bred for hunting, was rescued from running with cars at a fiesta night, and reunited with its ecstatic Spanish owner.

A German shepherd was wandering on an estate, Di checked the chip and his owner came to collect him, whistled and the dog ran to him straight away.

The moral of both happy-ending stories? - get your dog chipped!

Puppies Nip and Tuck were recently rehomed and Freya was homed to a family who just arrived in the area.

Linda was homed to an English couple who live in a quiet spot, ideal for her as she kept escaping from her original owners who lived near a busy road.

The APSA shop has had a quiet few weeks but always needs items to sell, if anyone is having a spring-clean, donate any unwanted good to the shop.

if you can help in any way, by fostering or adopting an animal, donating to the shop or kennel build or why not consider sponsoring a dog or cat if you are unable to take one home.

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