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August 29 2013

Meet the Podenco

First thing to say s a BIG thumbs-up to the Obama administration in the US for taking a stand against the 'breed specific legislation' (BSL) over there. Although not a federal law, the BSL legislation has been enacted in many states, effectively banning ownership of certain breeds. In many cases dogs are removed from their owners and euthanized. Very sad and totally unnecessary.

Breed brief:

We have a wide selection of dogs looking for a home, all shapes and sizes, long and short hair, pure-breeds and mutts! This week I would like to introduce the 'Podenco' many of our dogs are Podencos or Podenco type.

The Podenco is an agile and athletic breed, widely seen in Spain, similar to the Ibizan Hound and can be similar in shape to a Galgo or Greyhound (usually smaller). Podencos come in wire or smooth haired variety with alert, often oversized ears! Larger wire-haired dogs can look similar to an Irish Wolfhound, most, however are medium sized.

They are calm, intelligent dogs, good around children and can usually be introduced to other dogs and cats. Podencos love to run and enjoy a good walk in the campo, they are loving dogs and would be a great addition to any household.

If you would like to consider one of these or any dogs in the shelter, visit our dog adoption pages.

This weeks dog quote: A lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me. ― Barack Obama

One of our beautiful Podencos

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