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A dog is not just for Christmas

A dog (or cat) is not just for Christmas

Across the western world, sales of puppies and kittens increase in the run up to the Christmas period while the month of January sees the highest number of new pets finding their way into shelters or left on the street to fend for themselves.

It may seem like a great idea to buy your child/partner a cuddly cute pup or kitty as a surprise gift but as the reality of potty training,scratching and chewing and night-time whining sets in by Boxing Day, it may not seem like such a good idea.

The introduction of a new pet into the home should be a joint or family decision, if you are being pestered by your children to get them a pet, lay down the law and remind them of the responsibilities, early morning exercise before school, brushing and grooming regularly and remind them that the cute baby animal will soon grow into a regular adult pet.

When you do make the decision to get a new pet, remember there are many dogs, cat, puppies and kittens in the APSA shelter looking for a forever home, what better gift to give to an abandoned animal than a safe, warm basket to wake up in on Christmas day and the unconditional love of a kind family.

Here's a cute video, a parody of current top music hit "Wake me up".

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