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Cat Chat 17 Oct 2013

Life in Spain with cats

Living in Spain, we come across stray animals all the time and many people are kind enough to invite them into their homes until they find their forever homes.

Our cat lady has rescued many cats and kittens and currently has quite a few youngsters looking for a cosy basket or lap to enjoy their lives.

Here is her first account of how things began!

Who could resist this lovely kitty!

When I first moved to Spain seven years ago I was definitely only having two cats this is the story of how, at one point, I had twenty three.

I had only moved into my renovated cortijo for a month when I decided that life without cats wasn't the same so, when I heard that some people I knew had three cat that had all had kittens I was off like a shot. I was offered a choice of eight that were deemed ready to leave their mums. The 'owners' (nobody owns a cat they own you) weren't sure if they were sisters or cousins as all three cats had looked after all the kittens and so they were mixed in together.

Everyone also knows that you don't choose cats they choose you, and two chose me almost immediately. My sister had come with me to help in the choosing and a different cat had chosen her so my resolution about two cats was immediately broken and home I went with three kittens not two they became:- Minou and Buffy (who had chosen me) and Mia (who had chosen my sister). Minou and Buffy were very alike and seemed to be full sisters whilst Mia was tiny by comparison and so bullied by the other two that she had to be fed separately.

Oh how things changed, Mia is now the biggest of all my cats, including the Toms, and definitely the boss - handing out cuffed ears to all and sundry should they dare to sit in her room/patio/garden/cat basket etc. The only cat she tolerates is little Chloe from the previous cat chat. Despite this she is the favourite of all human visitors who think her soooo friendly little do they know it is a ploy to get cat treats and cuddles!

Mia, Minou & Buffy (as in the Vampire slayer bravest cat in all the land and possibly the prettiest unfortunately she would pick a fight in a phone box and ended up at the vet so frequently she had a loyalty card) settled in quickly and soon had me used to their routine sleeping preferences and food choices! Where did I go wrong I was supposed to be the one in charge and I had definitely achieved the status of fourth out of four especially at bed time as in I got the smallest part of the bed and quite often the least of the duvet !!

Mia grew and grew, Minou became the scaredy cat, hiding under the settee most of the time especially if any one dared to use a tissue she was also the one who brought home the snakes to play with (in my world a hint more scary then a tissue) and Buffy the most boisterous pugalist in the land.

More news to follow next week.

Remember there are lots of cats and kittens looking for homes, check this little cutey below.

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