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Dogs In The News

Dogs In The News

This week, let's look at some of our canine chums appearing in the news.

Pitbull saves cat

American Pitbulls get a lot of bad press, often unfounded but this clever chap showed hs caring side when he saw his neighbours cat being attacked by coyotes in Florida, he raced to the rescue, seeing off the intruders and now he and the cat are great friends!

Houdini escapes shelter

Aptly-named Houdini the Australian shepherd escaped an animal shelter in the US and took himself off for a walk, he found himself in the garden of a nearby family who decided to keep him and he now has a loving home. I Guess he got bored of waiting for someone to adopt him! Let's hope the APSA dogs don't get any ideas!

Good news from APSA

Our good news is that two of the resident dogs from Di's place may have been re-homed, just awaiting confirmation.

New posters featuring the APSA dogs will be going out from next week around your area, in the APSA shop and local bars and establishments. Take a look and see if there is a dog for you.

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