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September 27 2013

Virtual Dogs

There are many dog lovers who, due to their personal circumstances, time restrictions or living arrangements can't have a dog of their own.

Many of these people ask what they can do to help the dogs in the shelter.

Of course the ideal scenario is that we get as many dogs adopted as possible because there's no substitute for a safe loving home but some dogs are more difficult to re-home and find themselves as long term residents of the shelter.

You can still help the dogs in many ways, volunteer at the shelter or the charity shop, offer to walk the dogs in your spare time, it's great exercise too! Or you can choose to have a 'virtual dog' choose one of our long termers to sponsor, receive regular updates and have the opportunity to visit your dog. For as little as five euros per month you can be part of a dog's life even if you can't have one at home. You can pay by PayPal or directly to the shelter. Visit the virtual dogs page on our website and meet the lovely characters looking for a new friend.

Dogs in the news... Britain's most famous dog at the moment has to be the lovely Lupo, the black cocker spaniel belonging to William and Kate. He is the first dog to be featured in the official family photo taken after the birth of a royal baby. Since Lupo went to live with the 'Cambridges' the breed has shot up in popularity, unfortunately leading to the increase in thefts of similar looking dogs!

Don't forget, our photo competition closes at the end of the month, you still have a few days to get snapping and send in your pet photos, to apsablogger@yahoo.com.

Lupo with the royal couple and Prince George

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